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RIVA’s Approach to HCD

More and more individuals expect digital government to provide high quality service and self-service options, emulating the private sector experience. To help improve digital interactions we leverage Human Centered Design (HCD) as our comprehensive methodology for digital Customer Experience (CX) strategy, execution, and continuous improvement. HCD is an effective methodology for designing both digital and non-digital services—to drive excellence in CX throughout the digital transformation process.

To design User Experiences (UX) while implementing transformative technology our HCD methodology puts real people—both customers and users—squarely at the center to ensure make their experiences are efficient, effective, and positive.

RIVA’s HCD process for designing & developing human-centric digital experiences puts the wants, needs, and limitations of the end-user at the focal point of experience design and development. Specifically, HCD in digital transformation means we:

  • Discover user needs through immersive and ongoing user research, using methods such as contextual inquiries and user interviews, to develop UX design strategies.
  • Document findings and experiences via personas and customer journey maps to foster a common understanding of the holistic customer experience for our integrated digital delivery teams.
  • Design user experiences (UX) to meet research-based user needs, creating interactive UX and interaction design prototypes using design systems such as the U.S. Web Design System (USWDS)
  • Test and validate usability of UX designs through ongoing, task-based usability testing
  • Collect ongoing user feedback data to iteratively improve digital experiences.

The result is highly-usable digital services—websites, applications, and mobile products—which enables citizens to quickly and efficiently get government services and civil servants who provide those services in a more efficient manner.

Solutions & Services

  • Customer and User Experience Research ​
  • User Experience (UX) Design and Evaluation
  • Content Strategy
  • CX Strategic Roadmaps
  • Enterprise UXDesign Systems & Complete UI Design Solutions
  • In-Person & Remote Usability Testing & Experience Evaluation

Our HCD Philosophy

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Sean Fitzpatrick

Practice Area Lead

Sean Fitzpatrick

SVP Human Centered Design